Elections 2018

Nominations: 12th- 30th June (11:59pm)

Elections: 2nd-7th July (11:59pm)

General information

All committee positions are up for election. Committee members serve two year terms. Existing committee members may stand for re-election. The vast majority of committee work is done online (via email, slack and facebook). New committee members will receive a handover pack from their predecessor.

Motspur AC was founded in 2016 as the official alumni club for all members of LUCA. It’s mission is to help strengthen and maintain for life, the friendships forged between University club mates and their rivals. Motspur is an ‘online club’. It does not offer it’s own training, but provides free access to LUCA competitions for all its members. It also organises tours and competes in other competitions.

Only paid members of Motspur will be able to vote in the election. Nominees are welcome from non-members, but membership must be paid before the election window opens.

Positions available


  • Act as ambassador/spokesperson for the club;


  • Responsible for the club overall, including:
    1. Chairing meetings of the club and its committee;
    2. Ensuring all club events comply with health and safety laws, rules and regulations and that risk assessments are completed for events outside their usual activity.


  • Keeping records of all financial transactions;
  • Ensuring the club does not incur a financial deficit;
  • Keeping the club financially viable.

Membership Secretary.

  • Keeping records of members and membership payments;
  • Ensuring the club complies with GDPR and other relevant data protection laws;

Athletics Captain.

  • Lead the athletics squad;
  • Manage entries to track and field events;
  • Maintain a high standard of team spirit;
  • Maintain a high standard of effort at training.

Cross-Country Captain.

  • Lead the cross-country squad;
  • Manage entries to cross-country events;
  • Maintain a high standard of team spirit;
  • Maintain a high standard of effort at training.

Social Secretary.

  • Organise social events
  • Manage the website and social media accounts

For any questions about the above positions, email current chairman, James Findon.